Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We had a really good Christmas this year! I was able to get a four day weekend so i got to spend alot of time with sean and our families. We were with Sean's family this year for christmas and had fun opening presents and watching everyone open theirs. I got a new camera for the baby and am in LOVE with it! Its the new Cannon SLR camera. I knew i would love it but i never imagined how much this camera can do! it can do everything! So yeah i am amazed and i love taking pictures with it!

Kelton was my first project, He was really close and i was trying alot of different settings so thats why it's blurry. I think he was having as much fun as i was! Sean's family taking pictures by the Christmas tree.

Sean's focused in on the new Wii that we got for Christmas!This year has been so much fun!

Updates on the baby... Well just over the last week i have realized none of my pants fit. It is such an awesome feeling knowing you actually have nothing to wear! The baby has been moving alot and seems to be having a blast in there! Im starting to notice subtle changes in my stomach and really am growing! I'm at this stage where even my scrubs fit me weird. They fit fine when i'm standing, but i have to loosen them when i sit down, then when i stand back up my pants are falling off! So all day i focus on untying and tying my pants, pulling and tugging on them oh and how can i forget the 20 bathroom breaks! But it is all worth it and i'm just excited to be half way through! I have my 20 wk appt tomarrow and am so excited! then we will know for positive if its a girl! i sure hope so because i really don't want to have to take back all my cute girls stuff!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So a little while ago some of the nurses taught me how to crochet and knit. So this is one of my first projects crocheting. It took me a good 4 tries to get them to look like this but i thought they turned out so cute! Ive also been knitting a blanket FOREVER and hopefully i'll be done with it soon so i can crochet a pink one! Ive always wanted to learn how so i'm excited that i finally know how to! anyways i was pretty proud or my booties so i decided to post them.

Monday, November 30, 2009

My Sweet Little....GIRL?

So i went to my 16 weeks appointment today and after 4 hours, yes 4 hours at the doctors office we got an ultrasound of the baby. I wanted to make sure everything was ok. Well the lady asked if we wanted to know the gender and of course we did so she told us its a little early but that she's pretty sure its a girl!! We're so excited, the baby was in a perfect position and the pictures came out really good. She did a 4D ultrasound and gave us some pretty cool pictures! It was so much fun and we can't wait for the 20 week checkup! These 4D ultrasounds are AMAZING! you can see everything. That first picture gets a real good look at the whole baby and the umbilical cord. The second one was a cute side view!

We had a really good thanksgiving this year and spent it with my family. most everyone was up and while we were there we all got a few surprises! I found out my sister Christy is about 8 wks pregnant, due in July and Then come to find out my other sister Cherie is 19wks pregnant and is due the end of April! so we're going to have lots of babies within 2months or eachother! It's exciting and will be so much fun to have cousins all within the same age!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

13 1/2 Weeks

So This is how much your body can change in just one short week. I started noticing this within the last few days. The picture on the left was taken when i was 12.5 wks pregnant. The picture on the right is 13.5 weeks pregnant, exactly one week apart. It could also have to do with the fact that the white shirt is really tight. Anyways I know when i eat too much that it feels good to stick my stomach out like that pic, well the last few days i realized that it hasn't gone back in and has been quite noticable with tighter shirts. Good thing i don't wear shirts like that alone cuz i'm in the stage where you can't really notice, it just looks like you've gained a little weight! anyways i'm just a few short days away from the start of my second trimester and am anxiously waiting. Only a month or so left till we find out what we're having! i can't wait!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy Halloween

So my postings are so late, but since our camera was stolen we have had to use a nice disposable one so i finally got them developed. Anyways, So last year we had to work Halloween and we didn't do anything, so this year we decided to dress up. So all the Nurses and some of the other staff dressed up and we had a big potluck. We had so much fun! Can you imagine the look on our patients faces when we told them we were going to be their nurses for the day! I was a flapper if you can't tell for lack of any other costume left two days before halloween! I also was one of the winners of the coloring contest and i am so proud so i took a pic of it. That stupid picture took me almost a whole shift alone with flat crayons! Anyways it was worth it!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

9 Weeks

So Pretty much everyone that looks at this blog already knows the exciting news but i thought I better post since i haven't in a long time! So I am now 9 weeks pregnant and anxious to be done with the First Trimester and morning sickness! The last couple of weeks were kind of miserable but i think the worst is over and now feel pretty good. Anyways that is not the best picture since we were trying to finish up our roll from a digital we used in Europe. Anyways that's probably around 6 weeks and really nothing to show yet. Just thought i'd post a beginning picture!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Camping Trip

We went camping a couple of weekends ago up by the Rim and we had so much fun! All of Sean's family was there and we had so much fun, playing horseshoes, games, and relaxing by the fire. The kids are so fun to watch and we had such good food everywhere! Sadly this is the only camping trip we did this year! Usually we have more time to go camping, but this summer just went by to fast! oh well at least we got to go once! Anyways the views were so beautiful, and it was so nice to get away for a few days!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old School

So my mom has recently been cleaning out her house and giving all the kids our stuff thats been there forever. So we were down there one night for dinner and she gave me some old school stuff. Well i came across this paper i wrote where i did six interviews of six people i knew. So i read them out loud and i came across my sister Cherie. Oh man was it funny, just picturing this story and reading it i starting crying cause i was laughing so hard. We all have sister and many may remeber times like these. Anyways here it is:

My sister would never let me jump on the tramp. She use to throw me off and she would never let me get on. Especially when she had friends over. She would stand in front of the place where i was trying to get on. One day i had finally got on the tramp and i was really happy. Well my sister was trying to throw me off so i layed down on the tramp so that she couldn't throw me off. So my sister layed down on the tramp and kicked me so hard that i rolled right off the tramp. I hit the ground really hard, and i knew that she didn't want me on the tramp.

That's it word for word! yes i know the last sentence is Genius, but hey I got 100%! Anyways i had to share that. I still laugh when i read it! hope you had a good laugh too!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Trip

Oh man where do I start! What an amazing two weeks we spent visiting 10 different cities in 4 different countries! Starting in Venice and ending in Barcelona on a two week cruise we had an unbelievable vacation with so much history overload it was great! From seeing civilizations, building and churches that were built before Christ, to standing where the apostles taught and preached, to the gladiator battles, to Royal Palaces, there was just so much i can't describe it all! So i can't really go into detail because my post would be three pages long but i'll just give the basics! Mainly i posted pics and i'll just tell you where and what, although some pictures don't need any explanation! So i uploaded my pics backwards so we'll start at the end of the trip and work our way backwards to the begining.

So this first picture is in Barcelona at a church called the Sagrada Familia built by Antoni Gaudi. It was started in 1882 and has been in construction ever since. It is to start functioning in the interior in 2010, but won't be done till at least 2030. Antoni Gaudi was a crazy man, we saw over 5 of his works but this church is unbelievable!

This picture is the famous Casino in Monte Carlo! The hotel to the right costs 5,000 a night to stay in, with ferrari's, rolls royce, and nothing but fancy cars around. anyways we definetly understood why Monte Carlo is for the rich and famous, such a beautiful city with crystal clear beaches!
Ahh the leaning tower of pisa! For those of you wondering, no it's not an optical illusion, it really does lean, and will continue to as the earth continues to settle beneath it! Sean and I spent all day there just staring up at this tower in amazement!

Rome, the eternal city! this is if you couldn't geuss pics of St Peter's Basillica, located in Vactican City. It is the largest Church in the world and absolutely ridiculous! There is so much in that church you could spend 2 days in there and still not see everything! the pic below is inside, and is just one of the sections. Also,Something fun that i didn't know is that all the Pope's are burried beneath this church and there are grates on the floor where you can look below and see the coffins. Crazy! We did see the Sistine Chaple but like a good girl and boy we did not take any pictures inside. Michealangelo would be proud!

The Colloseum. I have nothing else to say...
If you don't know what you're looking at, look it up on the internet. your pathetic.
hint: look to the picture above

This is Pompeii, the city that was buried by volcanic ash and matter from Mount Vesuvius' Eruption in 79 AD. It was awesome. yep.
Totally freaky, and I had other pics but this is an actual human remain that has been plaster casted to show the effect! It is real, not made! The skull of those who were trapped exploded from the heat and pressure. So most had holes in the back of their heads. So gross and sad.

This is a place called Mykonos Greece. It was a smaller town where every building was white with blue shutters. It you've seen Mama Mia (which i haven't yet) this is what is looks like i guess ( i don't know a worker on the cruise just kept telling us to keep a look out for Meryl Streep)! Anyways It was a fun town!
Istanbul! What a great city, and it was not scary, but we were only in touristy areas. anyways this is the Hagia Sophia church. It was huge but they all are, and so elaborate.

This is the Blue Mosque located next to Hagia Sophia. Another Church that was also huge and amazing.

This is the city Ephesus, or a small part of it that's been excavated anyways. This is one of the oldest cities, or so i've been told. It is where the apostle Paul preached to the ephesians in the great theater (Located in the next picture below), and where it is believed to be the Virgin Mary's final resting place, who knows but it was fabulous! (i'm running out of vocabulary words)
The great theater, and let me tell you it was great! haha

This is another picture that needs no introduction but i'll introduce anyways. This is the Acropolis, the Parthenon in... you geussed it Athens Greece, and it was soo windy on that hill! we also saw Zeus temple, the old olympic staduim along with all kinds of other things that i can't go into detail!
And Last but was First in our stops is Venice. The city built on water. On man did we get lost here over and over again! we wandered down small streets to find dead ends that led us to more streets with dead ends! haha the funny thing is you can see everything you just can't get to it! It was fun though. This picture is St. Mark's basillica and it was gorgeous too. All the churches that we went into on this trip had mosaics painted on the wall with gold everywhere encrusted into the walls. It was crazy. Marble pillars, domes everywhere in the ceilings, it was just fascinating! The third picture is a typical street in Venice.

Well that's it! Like I said a breif narration. Hope it wasn't too boring for you! But man we had such a great time! We have now seen 3 out of the 7 supposed wonders of the world or medieval world, even though i feel we saw over 40 wonders of the world! There is so much history and everything was so amazing to see you can't believe your eyes. We just kept saying i can't believe we're really here. I can't believe we're standing here looking at this! Anyways it was a once in a lifetime trip and some of those places i'm sad to say we'll probably never see again, but I have to say i am soo glad to be home! I love America, and till you go somewhere outside it you don't realize how much you really do love home!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

14th Annual Tri in the Pines

Okay so here it is, after two months of training, 7.65 miles of swimming, 160.8 miles of biking and 118.4 miles of running with a total of 34 hours, I competed in the 14th annual Tri in the Pines. It starts with a 625yards swim, followed by a 12.3 Bike and ends with a 3.5 mile run. I had no sleep the night before, woke up completly sick but raced at 7:40 this morning. after hyperventilating underwater (don't ask me how that's possible) in the pool on my warm up lap, throwing up a little in my mouth during the swim underwater and overall just feeling like i could fall over i finished the race! yay accompliment number one! My times were not what i wanted and i'm a little dissappointed, but it was about 10 times harder then i ever thought it would be! Anyways here are the results, I took 1st in my age division and placed 20th out of 43 women overall with a time of... 1hour 40min. Like i said i wanted to be in the 1:25-1:30 but it's okay, when i got out there and started doing it, my goals changed from being in the top ten to just finishing! Oh well overall i didn't do too bad for my first tri and there's always next year right? maybe? What an experience! thanks to all those who came out and supported me, i really appreciate it and it meant alot to have familiar faces in the crowd!

this is me all happy before the race. Little did i know...

Monday, July 27, 2009


So this last Wednesday my friend Sha and I got to go see Wicked at Gammage in Tempe. True we had to spend 4 times the amount of the original ticket, but that's what happens when you wait till a week before they leave. Anyways we had so much fun. We got to go to lunch with Jess and Emily at of course you guessed it Costa Vida's and hung out with them. I always forget just how much fun it is to see my friends again, we could sit, talk and laugh for days without running out of anything to say.

Anyways Wicked was so good and funny, i'm so glad that Sha was able to come with me cuz it was worth the highly expensive seats to go!

The stupid nigh vision camera was blurry, but we were running late so we had to take it after the show.
Yes we're twinsies, i guess we both woke up and were feeling the plaid