Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Summer of Weddings!

Sothis summer has been pretty busy especially with all the weddings we have been to. First we flew out to Seattle Washington to got o Sean's little brother Aaron's wedding. We had a great time going to the fish market, and visiting the Air Force base where Aaron is stationed at as a flight loader. We ate some great seafood and Sean and I even ate a raw oyster for the first and last time! Our Next wedding stop was in Mesa where Emily Anderson was married. While we were down there Sean finally got his dream wish and bought a Harley Davisdon Dyna motorcycle, I have even enjoyed riding on it, and when it becomes warm again i think we'll plan a fun trip somewhere! Next we went to Tuscon for my brother Rob's wedding. It was nice to see most of the family again and see how big my neices and nephews are! Our last wedding we attended was Kati and Phil's sealing down in Mesa. We barely made it but we were really glad we were able to attend!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cruise to Mexico

So for our Vacation this summer we decided to go on another cruise. Since we went to the carribean last year we decided Mexico would be fun. Our first port was Puerto Vallarta. We went on what was called an Extreme Outdoor Adventure. So first of all the way they drive down there is extreme enough, we had to hang on for dear life just to stay inside the vehicle! Anyways we went Ziplining and Repelling. It was so much fun. The ziplines were as long as 500 yards and were so high up that you couldn't see the ground most of the time. We also got to repell down a waterfall and that was really fun too! Our next port was in Mazatlan. We decided to just hang out and see the city. It was also Sean's birthday so we went and got a $10 massage that was one of the best i've ever had! Our last port was in Cabo San Lucas. We went over to a secluded beach called lover's beach which was fun, then went parasailing on the beach, and just walked around all the shops. We had a really fun time. I think we can call ourselves cruiser's now, we love having everything paid for, your room, your food (which is excellent!), and your entertainment! I think you'll see us on another cruise in the future!


So I'm starting back in May where I finally graduated nursing school! I sat for my state boards in the summer and was able to get me RN. I am now working at Whiteriver Hospital and am loving it! I'm not in the ER yet where i started but I'm working my way back to it! With the patients i usually get though i feel like I'm in the ICU! They can give me the most stable patients and no matter what, they seem to go south on me! it's awesome! Not really, but I'm enjoying working for the government they treat me really nice, and the people are great there. You definitely experience more down in Whiteriver then you would at some other places, so it's nice to get the experience, and the staff is great down there!