Monday, September 27, 2010

And the fun begins!

Jade is now a little over 4 months old and has learned to roll over! It has been so much fun to watch her! She rolls over all the time, but has a harder time getting back onto her back, so she likes to give up and start grunting which eventually turns to shouting or crying until i turn her back over! It's still shocking when you put her down to go grab something come back and she's halfway across the floor! I guess we need to get on top of things and start baby proofing our home soon! oh joy!

I know I put too many pictures on here but i can't ever pick just a few! oh well! Jade woke up sunday and had a little red draining eye! It's better now though thanks to the many uses of breastmilk!Okay so I know i will have to take full responsibility if she's really girly, but how can you not play dress up with them?
Jade supports her dad 100%. I think she can outdo the competition! Sean got some shirts made and they threw in a couple shirts for Jade! Sean said she looked like a boy so i grabbed the nearest bow and took a few pictures!
Oh how she loves her bear!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Seymore Campout 2010

We had out annual Seymore campout this year last weekend and boy was it cold! We went over by Strawberry and it was so pretty! The days were perfect. The weather was so nice but it was freezing at night! We had Jade bundled in so many blankets we're lucky she didn't suffocate! Luckily we decided to buy a tent heater just in case and we are so grateful that we did! We were prepared for the cold so it wasn't too bad, but we did worry about Jade alot. Adding a child into the mix this year i don't know where my brain was at. I forgot nearly everything. luckily we got the important stuff (thanks mostly to sean) so we made it through and it turned out just fine! It was nice to relax for a few days, although having a baby to worry about made it a little more stressful than last year! We had alot of good food as always, and alot of fun!

Aunt Casi made all the kids tye die t-shirts, and they were all so excited to wear them, it was really cute!
My baby won the horseshoe tournament! He kept throwing those ringers, it was awesome! Me, i'm still a bit rusty! it was alot of fun!
hanging out by the campfire, getting ready for bed. We didn't bring or have any mittens, so we used her fuzzy socks. They worked perfect and kept her little hands and toes warm. Smart mom!
This is the morning after the first night. We had her swaddled in 3 blankets and 1-2 blankets on top! She also had two hats on. All you can see is her eyes and little nose! Funny enough she slept till 10 every morning and went to bed around 9;30-10.This was the last morning we were there and she was so happy to be in the grown up's sleeping bag!
Well now it's Friday, 5 days later and she is finally back to normal! I don't know what it is, but when we take her away from home, she does fine but when she gets back home, she has a bit of trouble getting back into the routine. Every night for 5 nights she's been up between 4-5:30, which does not make mom very happy seeing as i'm use to her sleeping till 8! I get so angry getting up but by the time i make it into her room, there's no way i can be angry at this sweet pudgy face!

Friday, September 3, 2010

3 1/2 months old

So it's amazing how as a parent you are just fascinated at what your child learns to do! Jade hasn't mastered the rolling over yet, but loves to turn from side to side. She also loves to kick and play. She has learned to grab things, but everything goes straight to her mouth! She is just so much fun, i love to watch her grow! This picture is so cute with her hat! I love it! She loves her playmat that her aunt christy bought. the music, toys and lights just fascinate her. she really doen't like to be put on her stomach, but she'll tolerate it long enough for a few pictures!
So at first this was so cute, but now everytime i try to take a picture with the flash on, this is the result! She looks terrified in half the photos i have of her. oh well, i guess i have to remember to take the flash off. She'll be smiling and talking so i'll try to grab a quick photo, but she's too fast and again this is the ending result!