Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's Set in Stone

I was going to post it's official but then everyone would think i'm pregnant, sooo It is official, I have signed up for the 14th annual high altitude Triathalon on Aug 15th here in Show Low. I have been in training for three long weeks now and today was my first day of actually doing the whole course all the way through, not one right after another but close enough! I am so excited, this will be my first time and i am looking forward to it! although not ever sleeping has put a damper on my energy level, it'll still be worth it. Anyways i will be swimming a little under half a mile, biking 12.3 miles and running 3.5 so it's actually a triathalon sprint but it's still freakin hard and enjoyable at the same time if that's possible! Anyways i'm excited to see what happens! wish me luck!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


So I finally got our pictures back from Sean's birthday so i'm now posting a month late. We heard about Glenwood New Mexico from a friend that told us they had some cool catwalks so we decided to take the harley up for Sean's birthday. Little did we know that weekend was windy and cold. We took it anyways and froze all the way down but luckily new mexico was nice and hot! It was a pretty drive and the catwalks were really awesome.

We stayed at this really old hotel that had been built in the 60's or older and there was only like one place there to eat, and everywhere you ate was just out of people's house. It was different but what can you say when they have a population of 403 people ( yes i did look that up)!
If you can't tell, we had bandana's around out faces, coats, hoods, everything. It was soo cold! That's our first real trip on the Harley so it was alot of fun anyway! We had a fun weekend away and are even thinking about going back someday when it's not so dang cold!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So Buster got sick around last wednesday night and has been soo sick for days! He wouldn't even move, i thought he was dying. So for the last 6 days i have been giving him fluids. I have had to hook him up to an IV twice a day to give him fluids becuase he wouldn't eat anything! I took him to the vet on Friday and he had a temp of 105. ( which normal temp for a dog is around 101 or so, just for those who have been wondering!) The vet said she thinks he caught something, and i think he may have ate the pesticide plants outside that were sprayed by pest control a week previous. anyways he's been very sick and FINALLY he is eating and feels so much better on Tuesday. I think if it weren't for the fluids our poor doggy would have died. But he's bounced back and is now annoying as ever again!! haha we love him!