Monday, March 23, 2009


So work has been good, I am really blessed to love my job and the people i work with. I have started working as charge nurse becuase they made me so that has been a new challenge as well. They don't pay you like anything to be charge so you really just take on alot more responsibility for nothing but i guess it has to be done. So i say i love my job but there are really hard parts to being a nurse. I have had the privilege to get to know 2 special people. One is battling a funal infection that spreads through the body. The other is on his third time around with cancer. This weekend they both passed away in my care. I have known them for awhile and their wonderful families so this has been such an emotionally draining experience. One passed away on Friday and the other fought till Sunday. Although this has been by far the hardest experience i have dealt with i am so grateful for the time that I got to know them and take care of them and i wish their families the best they are wonderful. I just felt I should write this down and share it!


So my sister asked me the other day if I was ever going to start posting again so i figured I have been neglecting my blog for long enough, but it's hard when there's only two of you and all you do is work!! So my lovely husband bought me an eliptical for my birthday in January and so far i have been running almost every day (except sunday of course) and am up to 2 miles on level 8-if any of you know what that means! My co-workers think i'm crazy that i run 1 mile after work around 830- 900 at night but it sure makes a difference. Sean's starting to get busy again and is bidding alot of jobs which has been great for him, he hates sitting around. He is also growing his hair out becuase i am MAKING him and so far he looks really hot with his new doo. Really we have not alot of exciting news. We are planning a cruise right now. I love Europe it has always interested me. I tried to get Sean to move over there for the summer but it was a no go, so instead we are going to take a 2 wk cruise to Italy, Turkey, and Greece. I am so excited I keep looking up our cruise like everyday to see what else i can plan. It will be fun and we're so excited to go! I think that's about all so far...