Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So i'm a little behind but it's been so crazy busy! We had a great thanksgiving at Sean's parents house with his family and got to see a little of mine as well. I was lucky this year and got both Thanksgiving and Christmas off even though i had to work through both weekends it was good. Christmas was fun as well. We actually did christmas cards this year for the first time in four christmases so that was fun! We spent Christmas with my family and saw both my sisters and their families. We had a good time, and it was so fun to have a bunch of snow on christmas. We woke up and it was snowing! That was the first time i've seen it snow on christmas since i can remember. We've had a very nice christmas and now we're already into the new year, it's already going by so fast i can't believe it. I geuss that's what happens oh well happy new year anyways, and yes it was sean's idea to wear the santa hats!
Here are some pictures of our Christmas...