Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So heres a shout out to my husband. I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing my man is! Sean and I got went down to Tuscon in march and he went to a class that shows how to do overlays over concrete. We got to hang out with my Rob and Tina and their new tiny baby, and Cherie and Nate. We had a lot of fun and i was so impressed with what Sean can do. I had to show some pics of the first projects he's done and they look so good. I swear he can do anything when he wants to!

Before After

He also did this backyard overlay over previous concrete. I know... he's amazing!!

I was lucky enough to have easter sunday off so We went down to my mom's and had dinner with my bro and sis as well. We watched Natalie hunt for easter eggs outside and that was fun as well. We had a good time.
This past sunday Kati and Phil blessed their new baby Livvi in church so we got to go down for a couple of days and spend time with sean's family. It was alot of fun and Livvi is such a beautiful baby!
I think that's about it, still working hard, going strong and looking forward to vacation!