Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watch out for dogs

My Poor baby got attatcked by a dog yesterday at work. The dog attatcked him and he turned to try to shield himself and the dog tore into the back of his arm! It was pretty bad and definintly ruined his whole day! He cleaned it up and you could see one bite went especially deep and you could see a little bit of the tissue. I sent him to the urgent care so he could get some antibiotics and a tetanus shot. After being thouroughly annoyed by their " excellent" care he now gets to take a nice 10 day course of antibiotics. they told him that one of them could have used stitches but they just put steri strips over it instead. So that was an exciting day for us yesterday! I had to make dinner for someone in the ward, while sean got bit, then we get home to find out they want us to speak in church on sunday along with a missionary farewell, ah good day....It looks better now that its clean and steri stripped. Bad place for a dog bite though.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

5 Months old

So i haven't posted in a month due to our internet. It's driving me crazy! It NEVER works and when it does it works for like 10 minutes. So i've tried once or twice before but I just haven't been able to. anyways Sean has been busy grilling away these days. He bought a smoker and we have been eating BBQ nonstop since. It is awesome! So far he's cooked chicken and ribs, and it is so good!
Jade's been great.She is 5 months old today and it has gone by so fast! She talks nonstop and loves to scream. She screams and then tries to scream louder the next time and so on, its great unless your trying to talk to someone or do something important. Sean and I just give up our conversation most of the time!

We're starting to get her naps down more. This was a week or so ago. She loves to pull her pacifier out of her mouth, the problem is when she's tired she pulls it out and cries, so it's hard to get her to go to sleep sometimes. So we resorted to two pacifiers, and when that didn't work we did three, one for the mouth, and one for each hand! anyways she finally went to sleep.
I was bored one day so we took some pictures of her for fun! oh how i love girls! have i said that already? Black...
Or color, what do you think, i can't decide!