Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We had a really good Christmas this year! I was able to get a four day weekend so i got to spend alot of time with sean and our families. We were with Sean's family this year for christmas and had fun opening presents and watching everyone open theirs. I got a new camera for the baby and am in LOVE with it! Its the new Cannon SLR camera. I knew i would love it but i never imagined how much this camera can do! it can do everything! So yeah i am amazed and i love taking pictures with it!

Kelton was my first project, He was really close and i was trying alot of different settings so thats why it's blurry. I think he was having as much fun as i was! Sean's family taking pictures by the Christmas tree.

Sean's focused in on the new Wii that we got for Christmas!This year has been so much fun!

Updates on the baby... Well just over the last week i have realized none of my pants fit. It is such an awesome feeling knowing you actually have nothing to wear! The baby has been moving alot and seems to be having a blast in there! Im starting to notice subtle changes in my stomach and really am growing! I'm at this stage where even my scrubs fit me weird. They fit fine when i'm standing, but i have to loosen them when i sit down, then when i stand back up my pants are falling off! So all day i focus on untying and tying my pants, pulling and tugging on them oh and how can i forget the 20 bathroom breaks! But it is all worth it and i'm just excited to be half way through! I have my 20 wk appt tomarrow and am so excited! then we will know for positive if its a girl! i sure hope so because i really don't want to have to take back all my cute girls stuff!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


So a little while ago some of the nurses taught me how to crochet and knit. So this is one of my first projects crocheting. It took me a good 4 tries to get them to look like this but i thought they turned out so cute! Ive also been knitting a blanket FOREVER and hopefully i'll be done with it soon so i can crochet a pink one! Ive always wanted to learn how so i'm excited that i finally know how to! anyways i was pretty proud or my booties so i decided to post them.