Thursday, March 18, 2010

So this last weekend we had my baby shower and it was so much fun. My friends came up and I got to see alot of people i haven't seen in awhile. We had a good turnout and it was a fun day!

My sister Cherie made this cake, it's so cute!

We didn't get all the food in this picture but we had really good chicken salad, sugar cookies, rolls, Chocolate covered strawberries and cake! My mother in law always knows how to cook good food!

So glad my friends could come! so fun to see them!

Cherie and I are both pregnant. She is about a month ahead of me.

So Cherie and I both made blankets for eachother. She crocheted me one and I knitted her one! they both turned out nice i might add!

Anyways, thanks to everyone that came to my shower, it was so fun to see everyone and I appreciate all the cute gifts i got!

I am 7 months pregnant and am counting down the long days! New things to add to being pregnant, I don't sleep anymore, there is absolutely no comfortable position! The baby is growing and my stomach is now growing up not just out therefore my diaphram is smashed and it sure does make breathing when your sitting up a harder task! The baby moves all the time and its fun to feel her push against your hand, sometimes i can feel her hand or elbow, other times shes just rippling across my stomach, either way it still amazes me and i'll never get sick of feeling her move!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

At the end of February we went down to the valley for Sean's niece Livvi's first birthday. It was fun to see her and all the other kids and get to spend some time with the family. She is so cute and has such a fun personality!

We also were able to pick up our crib while we were down there. Our Nursery is finally starting to come together!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


So Since valentines day was on a sunday this year i thought it would be nice to do a nice homecooked meal. So we made Crab legs, coconut shrimp and then fried shrimp as well. It was so good! then we had really good chocolate and strawberries for desert! We haven't had a dinner like that for a long time so it was nice to eat some good food! Anyways we like to take pictures of good food for some reason so i thought i'd post it since i haven't done a post in a long time! Anyways, It's been a long time but we haven't been taking pictures as much as we should have but oh well. This is my 6 month picture, or at least somewhere around that time.