Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guitar Hero

So when i was a freshman in high school i asked my mom and dad for a guitar. Four years later when i was a senior in high school guess what i got for Christmas.... a Guitar!! needless to say as a teenager i really had no desire at that time anymore to learn the guitar. Another four years later my desire has returned! I just started learning the guitar and i have to say it really easy to know how to play its just actually playing and making it sound perfect!! I am getting better at it but my fingers are completely calloused and I've lost the feeling in the tips so i guess it's a trade off but I love playing so we'll see how it goes!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tagged by Emily Dawn Anderson Lindblom!


My supposedly endless list according to Emily....

1. I Also bite at the skin around my nails, I use to bite my nails alot and i don't do that anymore so i'm moving up! I especially do it when i'm nervous like in an intense movie, anxious or when i'm bored!

2. The WORST habbit i have is i bite my cheeks all the time! Sean always imitates me and makes really ugly faces, but i don't care, i can't stop! I don't even notice alot of times that i do it until like ten minutes into doing it! It is really annoying i hafta agree!

3. I have converations with myself too! I think that's normal! I do it alot when i'm getting ready in the morning, and i have full conversations with my dog buster.

4. I am Terrified of the dark! I will walk faster in my house to get into the light sometimes when i'm alone, like that's gonna help if there's someone in the house, like they can't come into the light! oh well! I think it's from all the scary movies i like to watch!

5. I am the worst person to take compliments! i don't know why but it's really akward for me! My sister says she does this too, but if someone compliments my clothes or something like it i tell them how much i got it for, especially if i got a good deal, WHO does that?! I also say really random innappropriate things, for instance i was complimented on my pants one time and i told them they were really comfortable and stretchy so that you could gain weight and they would still fit! WHAT?! I geuss a simple thank you is too much for my vocabulary.

6. I am someone who has to have alone time! I guess i like to connect with my inner self of something. If i don't get alone time i explode. We'll see how it goes when Sean and I are retired! We'll be the old groutchy couple who hates sitting around and doing nothing yet we have nothing to do!

AND real quick some of Sean's quirks that i've noticed are...

1. He pops his big toe over and over alot, or he takes his big toenail and makes sounds using the coffee table when we're watching TV. He just likes making sounds or something.
2. He likes to grab jean seems and roll them between his fingers, he likes the feel.
3. He will grab my ear at the top and roll that between his finger, and it doesn't feel good but he says he likes it cause he can't do it to his own because of wrestling, he got cauliflower ear!
4. When he does something he knows i don't like, he does this really loud laugh and then starts talking really loud about something random so that he doesn't have to listen to what i'm going to say to him.
5. His pillow has to be on top of mine where they meet, and he always has to sleep on the right side of me!
6. He really loves his job (hard manual labor?!) and he loves being busy. I guess that's why we get along well, we both like to be doing something and staying busy, but then we really appreciate the time we have together.

Not a Quirk but i really love spending time with Sean! There's nothing better then when you're both laughing at things that are funny to you, and probably only you!


We went to the second to last diamonbacks game that they played this season. We got really good seats right behind their dugout, so i got to see some good close ups of Drew and Connor! it was very nice! It was a really good game, probably one of the best that we've seen them play this season, it was really fun!

We also went to Rocky Point with Sean's sisters and their families. It was perfect weather, we didn't wanna leave. We just relaxed on the beach most of the time, it was really nice, we had a good time!