Thursday, February 17, 2011

Photo Shoot

Have I told anyone how much I LOVE this beautiful girl and her Gorgeous blue eyes? Well I DO! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Anyways My sister came up last weekend so we went down to see her. My mom was wanting a picture of damon and jade together when Natalie came over and took over the photos. So here are a few pictures from that! All the poses are per Natalies orders. She would say okay now take a picture with grandma holding Jade and Damon and i'll be in front holding Jade and so on...
So This took a bit of posing since Jade hasn't quite mastered the sitting but it turned out really cute i think! anyways I would just like to point out the unfairness in this photo. why is it that the boys have all the hair?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Recap

So this time of year is the hardest time for me to post just becuase i don't feel like much goes on at the first of the year! anyways here's a short re-cap. I turned 25 in January. Sean bought me an ipod touch and i did alot of online shopping! I read from someone that it is fun to do window shopping online! you just look around at things you want, add them to your basket then close out after your done! Let me tell ya, it was pretty fun other than i had over a thosand dollars in stuff! don't worry i didn't spend near as much! but it was kinda fun! anyways, Our church was changed to the dreadful 1 pm! Jades sleeps everyday from 1-4 so this has been awesome! It really can mess her up but she does pretty good now! she seems to do fine at church and is extremely happy so it has worked out ok! I am now the 1st counsellor in the primary presidency so its been good to have Jade in there to play! Anyways this was the first sunday of the year and Jade was not wanting to take naps, but finally gave up! Jade's been scooting around all over the place, but her favorite place right now is under the coffee table! oh how we love how she hangs out with all the sharp corners under there! she even has been trying to crawl over the bar and gets stuck! its hilarious how she has started to get stuck trying to climb over things! Anyways not much else to tell you! i could talk about Jade and the things she does for hours, but that would be boring and only fascinating to her mother! Here's one more picture of her with her favorite book! She loves to pull up the peek a boo tabs then try to tear them off and eat them! so i have to watch her very carefully!

Monday, January 10, 2011


We went down to my parents this christmas and got to spend it with both my sisters and their families. We had alot of fun, and Jade had a good first Christmas. She was very interested in the wrapping paper mostly, but did enjoy looking and playing with her new toys! Sadly with all the choas we never did get a family picture but oh well! Jade got lots of toys and some new clothes, we got some games for the wii, I finaly decided to go digital with my scrapbooking and got the new photoshop, Sean got some clothes and a new gun, so we had a great christmas!
Grandma was reading Jades favorite peek a boo book that she (well I) got to pick out at her well child check up to the grandkids.

Then Jade's Cousin Natalie was playing peek a boo with Jade.
Followed by cousin Hudson playing peek a boo using his new christmas toy box.Jade playing in her new walker that Grammy and Papa Seymore got her for Christmas! She loves it, and so does mommy when she needs a break!

2010 has been more than a blessing. We have a perfect beautiful healthy daughter who couldn't make us more happy. I get to stay home and play mommy with her all day, and Sean has been able to stay busy as ever and been able to try new things this year with his concrete. I am so grateful for my perfect family. I love Jade and couldn't ever imagine life with out her. I love my husband more than anything and am so grateful for all his hard work for our family. We truly have been blessed and we look forward to the new year and new disasters as we really start to baby proof this dang house!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Picture time

So as you can see from our above picture, we finally went and got our pictures taken. Our family pictures turned out really nice and Jade was very cooperative, but then when we tried to take pictures of just her, she was done. She did not smile and cried and it was a nightmare. Of course the one day that we need her to be good, she decides she is not going to take her nap and is grouchy the whole time! Luckily the pictures of her weren't too bad and were still cute, i just wish we could have gotten just one picture of her smiling, but she was not having it! oh well, they all turned out really good and we're happy with them!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sand Dunes

Okay so I haven't ever been able to get a good picture of this so i never posted about it because i was waiting for a picture, but i finally went online and was able to get it off our phone so anyways about 2 months ago sean went to the sand dunes for a couple of day with his cousins/family and only got to spend one day becuase he wrecked on the top of competition hill. I don't know what all happened but he was jumping this jump for the second time and i guess over shot it and crashed into his handlebars, splitting open his chin and below his lip. He got 22 stitches in the chin and below his lip and had a hole through his mouth. It has now healed pretty well although he has an awesome scar and a little disfigurement under his chin but we're pretty lucky that's all that happened! Anyways better late then never i guess. I know my brother's been anxiously waiting to see this photo posted since i was on the phone with him alot trying to figure out what to do about his mouth, so here it is! Hopefully he's learned his lesson, Heavenly Father does not want you riding at the sand dunes, sell your bike and buy your wife something nice! (or maybe thats just my lesson for him!)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We went down to the valley this year to spend thanksgiving with the seymore's. We had alot of fun hanging out with everyone. The girls just love Jade and are so cute with her! We ate alot of good food, did a little black friday shopping, and went to the movies a couple times. It was nice to do something different this year and we're glad we were able to take a few days off and spend it with family! I Love this hat! its so cute and warm!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Jade was a cute little kitty for haloween! We got to dress her up on Thursday for our ward party. I think it was hard to tell whether she was a cat, skunk or dog, but either way she looked cute. One man said his wife swore i was carrying around a little dog all nite ( a real dog). Unfortunately I had the flu on haloween so I didn't dress her up, actually she didn't even get out of her pajama's that day! Oh well it was fun to see her in it. too bad we didn't get great pictures because she was tired by the time I started taking pictures! I bought a 100 piece bag of candy bars this year becuase we NEVER get more than 15 kids and i really didn't want to have tons of left over candy like i always do so i was graciously handing out the candy at the ward party. Well come saturday we had probably around 100 kids come by! Luckily we had some extra candy in our cupboards or we would have had to turn out the lights pretty early. We used every peice of candy we had in our house! It was fun to have so many kids come by, we really enjoyed it!!