Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Recap

So this time of year is the hardest time for me to post just becuase i don't feel like much goes on at the first of the year! anyways here's a short re-cap. I turned 25 in January. Sean bought me an ipod touch and i did alot of online shopping! I read from someone that it is fun to do window shopping online! you just look around at things you want, add them to your basket then close out after your done! Let me tell ya, it was pretty fun other than i had over a thosand dollars in stuff! don't worry i didn't spend near as much! but it was kinda fun! anyways, Our church was changed to the dreadful 1 pm! Jades sleeps everyday from 1-4 so this has been awesome! It really can mess her up but she does pretty good now! she seems to do fine at church and is extremely happy so it has worked out ok! I am now the 1st counsellor in the primary presidency so its been good to have Jade in there to play! Anyways this was the first sunday of the year and Jade was not wanting to take naps, but finally gave up! Jade's been scooting around all over the place, but her favorite place right now is under the coffee table! oh how we love how she hangs out with all the sharp corners under there! she even has been trying to crawl over the bar and gets stuck! its hilarious how she has started to get stuck trying to climb over things! Anyways not much else to tell you! i could talk about Jade and the things she does for hours, but that would be boring and only fascinating to her mother! Here's one more picture of her with her favorite book! She loves to pull up the peek a boo tabs then try to tear them off and eat them! so i have to watch her very carefully!


Cherie said...

Very cute! I have a hard time believing that Jade moves all around. I will have to see it it believe it. :)

Rifle Fam said...

I still think of her as being so little. What a cutie! (And yay for primary--it's the best place to be! :)