Monday, November 1, 2010


Jade was a cute little kitty for haloween! We got to dress her up on Thursday for our ward party. I think it was hard to tell whether she was a cat, skunk or dog, but either way she looked cute. One man said his wife swore i was carrying around a little dog all nite ( a real dog). Unfortunately I had the flu on haloween so I didn't dress her up, actually she didn't even get out of her pajama's that day! Oh well it was fun to see her in it. too bad we didn't get great pictures because she was tired by the time I started taking pictures! I bought a 100 piece bag of candy bars this year becuase we NEVER get more than 15 kids and i really didn't want to have tons of left over candy like i always do so i was graciously handing out the candy at the ward party. Well come saturday we had probably around 100 kids come by! Luckily we had some extra candy in our cupboards or we would have had to turn out the lights pretty early. We used every peice of candy we had in our house! It was fun to have so many kids come by, we really enjoyed it!!


Rifle Fam said...

What a cute costume! She looks adorable!

kaitlynn said...

It was good to see you guys the other day. Sorry you got sick. It seems like a lot of people were sick for the holiday. Your baby looks adorable in her costume.

burgessbunch2008 said...

Aww..she is so cute and getting so big!!