Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Sand Dunes

Okay so I haven't ever been able to get a good picture of this so i never posted about it because i was waiting for a picture, but i finally went online and was able to get it off our phone so anyways about 2 months ago sean went to the sand dunes for a couple of day with his cousins/family and only got to spend one day becuase he wrecked on the top of competition hill. I don't know what all happened but he was jumping this jump for the second time and i guess over shot it and crashed into his handlebars, splitting open his chin and below his lip. He got 22 stitches in the chin and below his lip and had a hole through his mouth. It has now healed pretty well although he has an awesome scar and a little disfigurement under his chin but we're pretty lucky that's all that happened! Anyways better late then never i guess. I know my brother's been anxiously waiting to see this photo posted since i was on the phone with him alot trying to figure out what to do about his mouth, so here it is! Hopefully he's learned his lesson, Heavenly Father does not want you riding at the sand dunes, sell your bike and buy your wife something nice! (or maybe thats just my lesson for him!)


Rifle Fam said...

Thanks for posting. I have actually been wondering if you would ever post the photo. Looks like lots of Pain Sean. Good to hear things are healing well.

Cherie said...

I've been waiting for more pictures too! I saw this one on mom's phone. Crazy! I think Sean should learn his lesson too--its a good lesson, I like it. :)

katilanae said...

this pic makes my whole body hurt. I'm sure glad it all turned out ok...I agree I think he should sell and buy you something nice! hehe

burgessbunch2008 said...

Wow thats soooo Crazy!!! he did it right!

jilliann said...

your little lady is a doll!
and I love your family photos <3
but that photo of that gash almost made me throw up!!!
glad you guys are doing so great!!!